Combine filtered data


I’m hoping someone can help me here. I am trying to figure out a way to present filtered data in one table.

When done manually I present the data like this…

This is data pulled from one sheet where I filter a column that contains the keyword of the match type e.g. “Auto” or “Exact” and then I organise the data accordingly (Spend, Orders, ACoS, CPC) as per the above image,

I’m trying to replicate this in Parabola and so far I have made this flow…

I’m not sure if I’m on the right track but I have filtered the same CSV file multiple times using the ‘contains’ filter and then I’ve adjusted the data to ‘keep’ only the Spend, Orders, ACoS, CPC columns.

Now all I want to do is use Parabola to present the data as per the Excel screenshot image.

If someone can help me with this last step that would be awesome!!

Kind Regards,


Hi @Calum_Smith

You may be looking to use a Sum By Group step to get the table you’re looking for!

I imagine you may want to first use an Insert Text Column, and input the values as “auto”, “sp hyper”, and “sp Exact”. After doing this, stack tables to combine the data, then use a Sum By Group step.

Hope that helps!


Thanks you Ayana!

Using your information I have resolved it, thank you so much!