Dynamic date in google sheet title


I’m trying to automatically create a new google sheet every day with some sales data. Ideally these would all be created in the same Drive folder and, in order to make sorting/searching through these sheets easier, I would like to name each one with something along the lines of: “Sales table CURRENT_DATE” where CURRENT_DATE is obviously set to whichever day the sheet was created on. Is there a way to insert such logic into the google sheet export step? Can I bind a calculated value in the sheet to its title string? This seems like a common use case so I must be missing something.

Thank you,


Hi @Braden_Becker,

Right now, there’s no way to bind values or insert logic to the titles of your Google Sheets.

However, as long as “Create New File” is selected when configuring your export settings, Google Sheets should automatically append the date to your title each day your new file is exported.

Check out this post where a user had a similar question! Add a variable to naming Google Sheets upon creation


Great, thank you Daniel!