Customizable file name for CSV and Google Sheet Outputs

  1. What is your feature/integration request?
    I need to be able to customize the file name for a CSV file and Google Sheet output with a value that is read from the same table or different table. For example, table A has a value “XYZ-20200505”, and table B is being output to a CSV file and Google Sheet file, and I want that CSV file / Google Sheet file to be named “XYZ-20200505”.

Also would like to be able to customize name with dates/time.

  1. What problem would this feature/integration solve?
    Output files are being created/updated in the same directory today with the same name and needs us to rename manually. This would automate that function. We are unable to completely automate without this function.

  2. How do you solve/workaround this problem today?
    Unable to solve this issue today