Updating daily quantity in Google Sheets from API


I have built a flow where I have 2 questions.

  1. I am pulling data from an API where 1 query parameter is changing with all the requests, since I was not able to find any solution to use 1 pull from API for 8 api calls with 1 changing query parameter, I have to use 8 different API calls right now, is there any solution for this?

  2. Basically what I am trying to do is pull product-level data from API where it gives me a days data for product quantity and add that to sheets where I want to record day by day product quantity data in the same sheet. EX:
    Product_name Qty-Sep-2 Qty-Sep-3 Qty-Sep-4 etc. (screenshot attached)

I am not able to figure this out that how can I use the same sheet to lookup the product id and create a new row for the new days updated quantity against that product id.

I guess I can do this with combine tables where 1 table would be my existing sheet data and another source would be pull data from API. But since right now I have 8 different pull from APIs so just can not figure out how to achieve this.

my current flow:

Would appreciate any help.

Hi @gor! Welcome to Parabola’s Community

Have you had a chance to check out our Enrich with API step? This step allows you to use a dynamic input when calling the your API endpoint. You can use an input like a GSheet which contains the changing query parameter.
Note: The Enrich with API step is a transformation step- meaning that the step will run and call the API in the builder/draft version of the Flow.

Hope that helps, good luck building out your Flow!

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You are awesome!!

Final question, is it possible to save data to a new Google Sheet where the sheet name is the date or date and time on each run?

Great question, we’re not able to change the name of the Sheet unfortunately! However, if you configure your Send to Google Sheet step to Create a new file on every run, the new file name will contain the date and time each time the Flow runs:
Send to Google Sheets step settings

New file created will be formatted like this:
File name with date and time stamp