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I have a Parabola workflow that I would like to run when a column in a Smartsheet sheet is updated. The workflow is working great when I run it manually or on a schedule, but I really want it only to run when an update is made via a webhook. I think I followed the “Create Webhook” steps according to the Smartsheet API, but when I attempt to enable the webhook, I’m see the following error:

Response was missing verification response in both header and body, or body JSON may have been invalid. (ref id: zkrmwoer7oac)

Attached are two screenshots from Postman that illustrate the Create and Update webhook steps I’ve attempted. The “Create” step was successful, but per Smartsheet, you have to “Update” the created webhook to enable it…which is where it seems to be failing. Is this an issue with the Parabola callback URL?

Hey @Brian1,

It looks like Smartsheet is expecting Parabola to send this type of verification response:

HTTP status: 200 OK
Smartsheet-Hook-Response: d78dd1d3-01ce-4481-81de-92b4f3aa5ab1 
  "smartsheetHookResponse": "d78dd1d3-01ce-4481-81de-92b4f3aa5ab1"

Currently, Parabola can only send back this response to a POST request when a flow is sucessfully triggered.

HTTP status: 200 OK
  "data": {

This step is still in beta, so hopefully, we can support this in the future!

OK, I had a feeling that was going to be the response (or something similar). Bummer, as I really would like to get this workflow in production as it will save a lot of manual updates. Any idea when this will be supported?

Also, was I correct in setting up the webhook via Postman vs. using the Parabola function? When I read through the Parabola webhook setup documentation I didn’t think it applied to this scenario.

Good question, Brian.

We don’t have concrete plans as of yet, but it’s worth making a post in #feature-requests to bring more visibility to Parabola users wanting to use webhooks.

To clarify, do you mean using Postman to trigger the flow instead of using another service to send JSON when an event occurs?

Anytime you make a request to that URL, even in your browser, your flow should kick-off. The actual step is used to catch any data that is sent with the request should you want to use that in your flow.

I’ll create a new post in the #feature-requests to see if it can bumped up the list.

My question about Postman was about setting up the webhook in Smartsheet. Other services I’ve used auto-create the webhook for me, so this was a first having to do it manually.

I didn’t realize simply hitting the callback URL in a browser would kick off the process…but that is really good to know, and could be used as a temporary work around.

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