Webhooks and their use

So the guys at Parabola have kindly given me access to webhooks ( thanks for that). I do however have a question.
Is there a way for me to “store up” the information before it passes to Parabola for processing?
I use the hook to an SMTP server, so when an email bounces, I manipulate some data and export to excel. However, each bounce creates a new run in Parabola, I was hoping that the Webhook maybe able to store the data, I run Parabola at 14.00 everyday and pull back all the bounces in one go. Thus only using 1 run a day for records rather than x runs.

Is this even possible?

Hey Tony - by nature, webhooks represent single events, and don’t have any “memory” built in. You could create a flow that stores each webhook in a Google sheet and then use another flow to run once a day on that google sheet, but you would still have a flow running on every webhook call. You would have to use another tool outside of Parabola to catch webhook calls and log them in a Google Sheet and then have Parabola run on a schedule. But even with that, the other tool would be “running” every time that webhook is called.