Using Zapier to trigger a Parabola flow

I’m using Paperform (form software similar to Google Forms) to trigger a zap in Zapier. As the final action in the zap, I’d like to trigger a Parabola flow.

I think I can do this using a Zapier webhook and Parabola webhook input, but not sure how to piece the two worlds together.

Do I choose a POST, PUT, or Custom Request in Zapier?

(I don’t actually need any data from the zap. I’m just using it to manually trigger the Parabola flow instead of using the schedule feature.)

After choosing POST, PUT, or Custom Request, I get to this screen. Any idea what to fill out here?

Then on the Parabola side, what do I input into here?

Hey Cary!

I think you have Webhooks enabled on your account, so that is step 1.

Build your flow as you would need it, and since you are not using any data from the Webhook, you don’t need to use the Webhook Input step.

When you are ready to test it out, Publish the flow, and click Webhooks near the top of your published flow dashboard. That will show you a URL, or a button to generate the URL.

That URL, when hit by a GET or a POST request will run your flow! I’d suggest setting Zapier to send a POST request, and then the other fields don’t matter after that, since you are not using any of the data from the request.


Ahhhhhhh that worked, thanks!