Send to Google sheet - only limted columns

HI dear,

I would like to update only specified columns - otherwise the columns that contains functions are overwritten by numbers or texts.
How can I resolve this situiation?


Hi @Hideki_Amiya - Happy to help! While we don’t currently have an option that allows you to only update specific columns in an existing Google Sheet, you can write out those formulas to the columns that you are sending from Parabola and they will save to Google Sheets.

Are all of the rows in the column using the same formula or is it set on a cell by cell basis? Would appending your data to the Google Sheet instead of overwriting work for this use case? That would just add in new data to the bottom of the sheet and not overwriting existing cells.

Hi @Emory_Stainbrook

Good to hear that!
all of the fomulas are cell by cell basis.
I do not think appending works this specific case.

Is it available that we can copy the fomula of the cell then past the exact same fomula at the same time as overwritting?
Particulary I would like to know how I get the fomula inside the cell on the sheet.
In my understanding, we only can see the value of the cell if we use "Pull from Google Sheet " and “Edit columns”.

Hi @Hideki_Amiya

There may be some limitations to accomplishing your end goal, but a workaround may be worth exploring. Send us the link to your flow / Google Sheets, and we can help troubleshoot.

In the meantime, try creating a new column called Parabola Formula in Google Sheets containing formulas starting with && instead of an equal sign. Including an example below:


The “If/else” step can generate new columns by targeting columns containing &&. If Parabola Formula contains &&, insert that formula into the new column. Otherwise, use the current values.

Finally, use a “Find and replace” step to find all instances of && and replace them with = in all columns except Parabola Formula. You may also need to reorder the columns before exporting.

When overwriting, the cells should now have a valid formula. The Parabola Formula column will maintain the && for future flow runs.

Let me know if that’s helpful!

Hi @daniel

It’s been a while, good to hear you again.
Thanks for helping me, but your suggestion does not seem to work in my format.
I decided to change the format of Google sheet (I simply transferred columns with fomula into another sheet that Parabola does not overwrite).

Excuse me for bothering you all.