Conditional flow?

Is it possible to build the conditional flow described below? I’ve tried with the “Insert if/else column” but that doesn’t seem to help in this case.

We’re running a query against a read only Postgres database that counts sign ups by unique IP in the last 90 days. So the results look something like this:

ip, count, 54, 33, 20

And we’d like to run this query every day, and only send the results as a CSV attachment via email if the count column is greater than a given value. Is that possible currently?

Hi @Matt_Brown,

Yes, it is possible to build this flow in Parabola. The step Remove rows creates a conditional filter that only allows rows of data through with the criteria you specify.

When 0 rows pass through this step, then no email will be sent from a connected export step Email from a CSV attachment. (In scenarios where 0 rows pass through, and the step is connected to other transform or export steps, it still won’t run a scheduled flow.)