Cannot authorize Box

I have a flow that was working fine, but now it’s asking me to reauthorize the connection to 6 Box files. I had to delete the Box account and attempt a reauthorization. I authorize file #1 and it connects. I authorized file #2 and it connects, but then disconnects file #1. This is incapacitated my entire flow and we are having to revert to a manual process!

Hi @Julie_Taylor,

Thanks for letting us know. Is this the first time you’ve encountered this flow erroring out due to reauthorization?

Are there any other users linked to your Box account that may be making API requests? I’m wondering if there’s any type of rate-limiting issue happening which may be prompting Box to limit authorization permissions.

Keep me posted, and I’d be happy to look into this further!

It seems to be working now…not sure what the issue was. Thank you!

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