Parabola won't stop "refreshing data"


I am having a problem with my flow. I tried to upload a file from that was very large, and it was taking too long, so I decided to “discard edits” in order to start over and use a different, smaller file. The flow has now been stuck on “refreshing data” for a couple of hours now, and I haven’t been able to select the new file I want to upload. Trying to trouble shoot, I also clicked “pause flow” in the bottom left hand corner, and now I can’t seem to “resume flow” without the site taking me to the billing page and telling me to choose a plan. We already have a plan, and I don’t want to choose a new one… I’m stuck. Any insight would be much appreciated! Thank you!


Hi Alaina,

I sent you a separate email, but I wanted to close the loop here in case anyone runs into a similar issue.

First, let’s make sure there are no scheduling rules applied to your flow outside of your subscription plan. You can manage your scheduling rules by heading to the “Flow schedules & triggers” section within the Live view.

Next, go ahead and duplicate your flow to start fresh calculations on your “Pull from Box step”. That tends to help your data load in much quicker. Feel free to remove the old flow from your account if desired!