Authorization Failed Error

I have a flow that looks at several tabs of a Google Sheet. The File and Sheet are identified properly and I can access the file when I click ‘View in Google Sheets’ on the screen, but the page keeps giving me a Settings error saying ‘Authorization failed.’

Does anyone know what could have caused this or know how to fix?

Hey @Assure_SPV :wave:

Happy to help take a look here. First, I recommend verifying if you have editor access to the Google Sheet you are trying to pull in. If you have editor access however the file is still not pulling in, I recommend some trouble shooting steps below.

The first is to reauthorize the Google account in the step. You can do so by opening the step, click Choose accounts in the upper left corner, clicking edit, then removing the current Gsheet connection and adding a new one. At the time of re-auth, make sure that the account being re-authed has access to the Sheet you are trying to connect to.

Second is by removing the existing step, and pulling in a new GSheets step from the Steps side bar.

If you are still seeing an error pop up, our support team can help take a further look if you can email the flow link to


Thanks, that fixed my issue. I was able to reauthorize the Google (and SalesForce) accounts on my flows. I think the issue was that the person who helped create these flows a few years ago just left the company so I’m thinking the authorizations were linked to his Google and SalesForce accounts!