Google's credential not working as expected


I’ve been using this flow for a while now, but two days ago it suddenly stopped working, and the problem seems to be with the “Send to API”, this item sends information to Google’s BigQuery and now it started to require to keep re-authorizing it in order to work.

The thing is, I have two flows and both use the same “Send to API”, using the same credential, but only one of them has the problem I mentioned above.

Does anyone know what could have caused the sudden need to manually re-authorize google’s credential?

Hey @Rodrigo_Cardoso,

Thanks for letting us know. Can you confirm if you have more than 50 flows or other applications linked to your Google account? Taking a look at their docs, it states the following:

There is currently a limit of 50 refresh tokens per Google Account per OAuth 2.0 client ID. If the limit is reached, creating a new refresh token automatically invalidates the oldest refresh token without warning.

If you try to re-authorize a new flow using BigQuery do any of your other flows require re-authorization?

In the meantime, click into your Send to an API step and select Edit accounts > Edit. There should be a delete icon to remove that account from the step.

Try dragging a new step into your flow to re-authorize your account. You will need to fill out your OAuth 2.0 credentials again, so let us know if you need help setting that up.

Let us know if you’re able to re-authorize!

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for not getting to this before, but we were OOO most of the time and I had to see other projects before I could go back to this.

Answering your questions, we do not have other flows or applications linked to the google account and we only have two flows in Parabola.

At first, both flows worked fine, but suddenly one stopped working due to this authorization problem, only one of them, the other kept working just fine without having to re-authorize it. Now both are having this problem.

I deleted the old credentials in parabola and created new ones, even changed the client ID in google’s console, but the problem persists.

I just realized now that it is consuming credit for every missed attempt, making it an even bigger problem…

Hey Rodrigo,

Thank you for your response. I’m not sure if this is coming from Parabola, or if this is an issue linked to the Google account. Happy to help troubleshoot.

Can you send me a screenshot of the exact error message you’re receiving? I’m curious to know if Parabola is unable to retrieve a refresh token linked to your account.

Alternatively, you may receive a 500 series errors. We can likely attribute that to something on Google’s end. We may adjust some settings to ensure your request is formatted properly or that Google can handle the request in the first place.

Send us an email at and we can take a look at it for you. Happy to get your credits sorted out as well.

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Hi Daniel,

This is the error I am receiving:

What is weird for me is that it was working just fine for a couple of weeks and than suddenly I started to get that error.

What it seems is that Parabola sunddenly stopped receiving the refresh token.

Hey Rodrigo,

Thank you for letting me know. We haven’t made any changes to how we receive refresh tokens or more general changes to how authenticating via OAuth 2.0.

Try heading to this link to check the total number of integrations with account access that are linked to your Google account. If it’s under 50, remove Parabola’s access and start the OAuth flow once more in your flow.

If you still are unsuccessful, it may be helpful to check with Google to see if they can provide any logs linked to your authorization requests. Feel free to reply back with any updates they provide.