SendGrid integration not authorizing

I’ve been trying to use Parabola’s Send to SendGrid integration, but I keep getting an error message asking me to reauthorize…

I had copied my SendGrid API key as per Parabola’s integration instructions, but I still get the error. I’ve also tried reauthorizing several times, but that hasn’t helped.

Any suggestions?

Much appreciated.

Hey @eddie,

Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue – thanks for reporting it!

I just tested this on my end and ran into the same error. I’ve gone ahead and filed this bug with our engineering team.

In the meantime, you should be able to complete your use case using a “Send to API” step. Happy to share with you a pre-configured API step can be pasted directly into your flow: parabola:cb:c085f36a47d94cb7be6704c5fb69b42c

Similar to our “Send to Sendgrid” step, you’ll want to fill out the info in the “Request Body” section and also make sure to input your API key under “Authentication” section as a bearer token.

Let me know how this step works out and if you have any questions!

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Thanks, @Adam_R,

I gave it a shot, but I’m not at all familiar with APIs or JSON. I was able to successfully connect to SendGrid via the API Key/Bearer Token, but I kept getting all kinds of errors back…no email found, no subject found, no template found, etc.

Please update this thread once that bug is fixed and the Send to SendGrid integration is working again.

Much appreciated.

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Hey @eddie,

Appreciate your patience here – is it possible that you’re currently using the API Key ID instead of the API Key?

The API Key is only shown once when you create a new key. I was mistakenly using the API Key ID when I previously mentioned hitting the same error. Using the proper API Key, I was able to get the flow to send emails successfully.

Let me know if this does the trick!

I was using the API Key (not the API Key ID).

It did finally start working though. It may have been because I validated my sender identity with SendGrid.

My Bubble app has been sending mail through that SendGrid account for years, but I apparently never bothered to validate my sender identity. After I did that today, Parabola’s Send to SendGrid integration started working. :+1:

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Glad to hear that did the trick @eddie!