Airtable Formula field into Webflow


  1. What is your feature/integration request?
    I’ve had some trouble getting data from Airtable formula fields into Webflow. I get a not supported field schema error. I guess I can do some stuff to go around this like doing another flow to copy info from formula fields into new Airtable text fields but when trying to use these formula fields to getting status info into Webflow this can get messy.

  2. What problem would this feature/integration solve?
    I think it’d be great for the community to have a way to pass formula field data (not just the ones that are formatted) into parabola to later get into Webflow. This would open a lot of possibilities and help Airtable become a full CMS for apps like Webflow.

  3. How do you solve/workaround this problem today?
    Today the workaround is having several Parabola flows. But it is not really a solution because when changes come there are usually a lot of flows to be updated, making it a burden.

Thanks! Hope there are others out there that could benefit from this.

Hi Sebastian - I think your feature request is related to the error you reported in this post:

We’re looking into this error. We don’t believe it’s the Airtable formula field that would have caused it. Can you post a screenshot of an example Airtable formula field you’re trying to pass to Webflow?

Hey @sachi, no I don’t think it is related. For that error I wasn’t using formula fields, I think. Here is a GIF of a a flow trying to send a formula field from Airtable to Webflow.

Let me know if I am doing something wrong, please. I can send you more tests.

Is there any existing data in the the Webflow collection you’re trying to create new items in? If so, can you use the Webflow Import step and provide a screenshot of the data that already exists? It looks like you need to specify some fields in order for Webflow to create new collection items in that collection.