Stop flow execution when data is empty


On my flow I am accessing data from a custom API, if there is data I work with that data (using the JSON parser and other nodes) and then send an email.

The problem I am having is that Parabola is complaining about nodes failing when there is no data so I can not save the flow.

Is there any way to put a conditional telling parabola “if data rows > 0” do this, if not, do nothing?


Hey @Reuben,

Depending on how your flow is structured, you might be able to solve this issue by using the “Insert Text Column” step. This step can create new columns with data that matches the structure of your API.

The above example is creating new columns called String, Number, Boolean, and Array. Mock values are added as well. You’ll want the new column names to match the column names returned from the API.

Note that Skip if column already exists is toggled at the top.

This means that if your API returns data with those headers, the new columns will not be created. If your API does not return those headers with data, these columns will be created.

Let me know if that’s a workaround that could potentially help!

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Looks like a very valid solution! Will try it out and get back to mark is as solve so it helps others in the same situation!

you sir are a genius! :brain: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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