Airtable import issue

I’m having trouble importing Airable data into my flow. Only 5 out of the 20 or so fields are populating in Parabola. I have been using this import with no issues for several weeks. What could be the reason that all of the sudden, some of the data doesn’t import? The field names are showing, but the cells are blank in Parabola.

Hey @Josh_Cykiert - Sorry to hear about this issue. Sounds interesting. As far as you know, none of the field types have been updated on the Airtable side recently right? Are there any commonalities to the fields that are not populating?

I just tested the Pull from Airtable step on my end and I couldn’t reproduce this issue.

If possible to share a screenshot, I’d love to see a screenshot of your Airtable and how that data is being pulled into Parabola. If it contains sensitive information, feel free to email us at and include a link to your flow.

Just closing out this thread based on our follow-up over email. Sounds like this was a temporary issue and resolved on it’s own. Thanks for the update!