"Your draft has unsaved changes..." message


Almost every time I open a previously saved and published flow I get this message:

Do you know why I get this message?

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Hey @maxkatz — this will happen whenever your draft flow has diverged from the one you published. So if you publish a flow and then, say, change a step’s settings or add a step in the builder, you’ll see this message (until you publish the updated flow with the updates). Does that make sense?

Yes, that makes sense.

But I get this message on the main flows page.

I click on this flow (from the main page):

and I get this message:

Did you make any changes to the “Instant registration notification” flow after you published it?

I don’t believe I made changes but I will keep an eye on that.

It should only show if you’ve made changes, so let me know if that happens again and I can take a look!

Hey @maxkatz – I looked into this a bit more and it looks like you’re right, this isn’t always the most accurate message. We’re going to make some improvements to this soon. Really appreciate you flagging.

Thanks. What is causing this message to appear?

@maxkatz don’t have a great answer for you today, it appears there might be a bug in how we compute the difference between published and draft flows. hopefully will have more for you soon.