My Flow disappeared from Editor but is still working and running

Hi, while test running my first flow, I switched back to the editor and the Flow was gone.
It’s still working and i can run it again but no way to edit :see_no_evil:
Please Help!

@Hilel_Raskin is your flow’s draft copy still missing in your canvas builder (Editor mode)? Were multiple tabs open to the same flow, or different tabs open to different flows simultaneously? If multiple tabs were open to the same flow, changes made in one tab can overwrite changes in another and lead it to looking like the draft disappeared. We advise having only one tab open to one flow at a time to prevent this.

The good news is we can fully restore flow drafts! Though I also wanted to verify if you were zoom panning in-and-out often, which could make it look like it disappeared on the canvas after moving positions a lot.