Update existing rows in Smartsheet

I am looking to build a workflow that takes data from a Google Sheet and updates existing rows in a Smartsheet. I have a unique identifier that I can use from the google sheet to match the data in the Smartsheet database.

From what I can tell, it just wants to overwrite all the data in the Smartsheet, instead of finding the row, and updating the certain columns with the new data from the Google Sheet.

Is this possible?


Hi @Axton_Jaworski- Welcome to the Community! The Send to Smartsheet step will use any data in your step’s result view to overwrite the columns in the selected Smartsheet. Unfortunately you will not be able to select specific rows to update in Smartsheet with that Send step.

Are you wanting to update multiple columns in each row or just one column? You could always pull in your Smartsheet data with a Pull from Smartsheet step and combine it with the the data being pulled in from Google Sheets before sending it back to Smartsheet.

Let us know if you need any help while setting those steps up!

Hey Emory,

Thanks for the response! I don’t think overwriting all the data each time will work in our scenario. We have some in-sheet automations that will likely trigger from new rows, and comments nested in the rows that I don’t believe would be pulled over.

Appreciate your help!