Smartsheet API: New rows replace all rows in existing sheet instead of being added (update)

I am trying to add new rows to an existing Smartsheet sheet and after the flow is done, only the new rows are in the Smartsheet and all the rows that were there before the flow was run are gone.

Hi @Woody_Hobbs - Happy to help! The Send to Smartsheet step will use any data in your step’s result view to overwrite the data in the selected Smartsheet. Unfortunately you will not be able to append new rows to the Smartsheet with that Send step without overwriting the data that is there.

One way around this would be to pull in your Smartsheet data with a Pull from Smartsheet step and stack it with the the new data before sending it back to Smartsheet. This will ensure that when the sheet overwrites, it is keeping all of your old data with the new rows.

Let us know if you have any questions!