TLS issue with XERO API Pull?

Hi, with XERO I have finally managed to configure the Pull from API settings to talk to XERO but I am getting a 403 error.
I have read that this might be due to not having TLS1.2. I am not sure that this is but I see Parabola is TLS1.0.

Could this be an issue?
I reference the XERO Documentation about this here and also paraphase.

"### TLS 1.2 is required for OAuth 2.0

All API communication using OAuth 2.0 requires TLS 1.2 or higher. Any requests using TLS 1.1 or lower will receive a [403 Forbidden]"

Hi @Hamish,

Our Pull from an API step does not fully support the Xero API at this time. Their OAuth2.0 implementation for authentication is slightly different from ours.

Feel free to comment on this feature request, where other users have expressed an interest in being able to connect to this API.