Etsy API - OAuth 1.0

Hi, I’m trying to use the Etsy API to pull all of the orders I have on my shop.

Some of the calls are allowed using a basic api key and others require OAuth 1.0 (although I am just getting started with parabola and APIs so this could be wrong and is my understanding of their API documentation).

I want to make a GET call to the Receipt method but I think this requires OAuth 1.0.

Is there any way I can do that with parabola? Can I do it with the OAuth 2.0 option provided?


Hey @Will_Hall - Thanks for your question. I’ve been taking a look over Etsy’s API docs.

The endpoints that use basic auth (basic API key) will work on Parabola.

Unfortunately, endpoints like the Receipt endpoint that require OAuth 1.0 will not on Parabola because it’s a type of authentication we don’t support.

If you’re having any trouble connecting to one of their other endpoints that use a basic API key, let me know and I can help look into it!

Thanks @sachi

Are there any plans to support OAuth 1.0 anytime soon?



Unfortunately, no active plans to support OAuth 1.0 at this time. I can keep this thread updated as plans may change, but safe to say that it won’t be anytime this year. It’d be great if you can post this in our Feature Request section so that other customers can upvote and add their support for it!