API returning a 403 error

Hi guys, I’m new to using Parabola and can’t seem to get an API pull working.

Working with the following API https://register.fca.org.uk/Developer/s/

Here is what I’m getting when running on Parabola:

Here is the API documentation:

Perhaps I haven’t got the authentication settings correct? I’ve tried every authentication option and still no joy.

Can anyone help? :pray: (perhaps @sachi, @brian or @andrew)

Hey @Tom_Kelly,

Welcome to the Parabola community! It looks like you’ll need to add some custom headers when pulling in your data using an API.

When configuring your Pull from an API step, select Add Custom Header. Add X-Auth-Email as the header type and enter your email associated with that service as the header value.

I’m unsure if the example endpoint will return data, so you may need to use your own Firm Reference Number. Just be sure to add /Names at the end to match the structure of the example URL.