Syncing a Google sheet with Webflow CMS - calculation error

Hello! I recently discovered Parabola after someone recommended it in the Makerpad Slack channel.

I want to manage my Webflow CMS from a Google Sheet and I’m trying to use Parabola to automatically create and delete items in Webflow (daily) to reflect Google Sheet. (See first screenshot below)

It worked great the first time I ran the flow but now that I’m trying again it shows a calculation error on both export steps (see second screenshot below). What am I doing wrong?


Hey @Matt_Weatherall - Calculation errors can sometimes be temporary errors that resolve on its own. If it seems to be persistently occurring, we can take a closer look. Can you try refreshing your flow and let me know if you’re still hitting the same calculation error? If you’re getting a new error, send over a screenshot and we can see what’s going on.

Hi Sachi, thanks for getting back to me. It’s working now. I removed and readded some of the settings from the steps and that seemed to do the trick.

Interesting. Thanks for letting us know, Matt! Glad to hear it’s working now.