Send to Google Sheets Error: Internal error encountered

Whenever I try to update an existing Google Sheet with data, I am given this error and unable to run my flow:

Send to Google Sheets
Error: Internal error encountered.

What might be causing this and how do I correct it? Thanks!

Hi Justin,

Thanks for reaching out! This is actually an error message coming from Google Sheets. It looks like they often return this specific error when experiencing timeout issues or rate-limiting requests:

  "error": {
    "code": 500,
    "message": "Internal error encountered.",
    "errors": [
        "message": "Internal error encountered.",
        "domain": "global",
        "reason": "backendError"
    "status": "INTERNAL"

Do you have other applications actively connected and making requests to your Google Sheets? Do any of your Sheets have a lot of tabs?

If so, try connecting to a new sheet under a different account to see if that resolves the error code.

Thanks! I noticed this happens whenever I copy a tab from one worksheet to another. The worksheet into which I paste a sheet always fails in Parabola, until I delete the copy/pasted tab. Have a good one!