Sum up data for each country in a dataset

Hey everyone,

I have a table with multiple countries and sales numbers for two sales reps. Because of previous steps, this is the situation: There may be two rows for every country, where one row has numbers for John, and the other has numbers for Jane. Like this:

If you scroll down, you’d see the same countries, but with values for Jane and blanks for John.

I want to combine the rows so that I have something like:

{country} | {John’s sales number} | {Jane’s sales number}.

In other words, just one row for each unique country.

This seems like something you would do by pivoting or unpivoting, but I can’t recall how to get it to work.


I have a working method that where basically I would split this table into two tables by filtering (one table with the countries/John’s sales for that country and another with that, but for Jane.

Then I can combine on the country field and get the desired output. But I think there must be a more efficient way to do this.

Ex of my current set up:

And this, showing the end desired result:

Hey @Brian_Dawson – Would the “Sum by Group” step work in this situation?

Sounds like we can sum up the values in the John and Jane column for each unique value in the Country column.

Let me know if that does the trick!

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Worked like a charm. Thanks Adam!

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