How to fill in blanks from different tables

If the sales quantity field in table A is blank, how to make it get the sales quantity field of table B?

I tried using Combine table to merge the two tables first, and used the following settings:
Table A: Keep all rows
Table B: Keep only matching rows
where “all” of these match: order id & sku

Then use Fill in blanks to get the data from Table B in the blank sales quantity field of Table A.
However, I still cannot successfully obtain the fields of Table B.

How can I fill in only the sales quantity part while maintaining the information in Table A?

Hi @Amazon_Carol_W - It sounds like you’re on the right track! The Fill in blanks step should be the easiest way to do this. You can use a custom value to fill in the blanks for the column with your Table B data (screenshot example):

If you’re still not seeing the data show up correctly after setting that step up, could you please send a link to your Flow to us at so we can take a look?

Hi Emory,

Thanks for your feedback~

I later discovered that the problem was that after filling in the data in Form B, there were still blank spaces.
So I have to find the data in Table C to fill in the blanks.
If I need to compare multiple tables, do I need to reuse “Combine table”?
Or is there a faster way?


Hi @Amazon_Carol_W

That’s correct, you will want to use another combine tables step to combine the data from Table C. Let us know if you have any other questions!