Squarespace Orders

I have been playing with your template recipe for manipulating SquareSpace Orders info. I have been able to get the Order information out of SquareSpace and done the basic manipulation. But I have been attempting to find a way to only grab the new orders, Orders since last import, or within the last 24 hours or something like that???


Hey Randall! I can think of a couple different ways to accomplish this. How frequently do you want to run your flow? Do you envision setting it on a schedule to run once a day?

One way to accomplish this is to use our Date Comparison step. You can compare the Order Date against “Today” and then use a Row Filter step to filter for the recent orders based on the new date difference column added by the Date Comparison step.

Hi Sachi. I’m working through what you are describing here, as I’m trying to accomplish the same thing as Randall (a spreadsheet that gets updated with new orders from SS, run at the end of every day).

I’ve got the Data Comparison step in there, but I’m getting an error about how one of my columns is in an incorrect format. And I’m not sure where ‘Today’ goes. Can you take a look?

Hi @Kate_Peer - I see your createdOn column dates are formatted DD-MM-YYYY. I think this might be causing the problem when trying to compare against “Current Time” because it’s trying to compare dates that are formatted differently.

Can you try formatting your date to YYYY-MM-DD? The Date Comparison step should then add a “Date Comparison” column at the very right of your table.

Let me know how that goes! In general, I recommend saving any Date Formatter steps to the very end of the flow to ensure it doesn’t cause any issues with Date Comparisons or any other operations you might want to do with your date values.