Filter rows based on the "Today's" date


I have a column with dates in the following format YYYY-MM-DD, and would like to filter the rows based on “today’s” date. For example, for today’s date 2020-05-28, only the rows with 2020-05-28 in the dates columns would show up. Is this possible to do? I know that you can assign a constant number for the filter text, but is it possible for this to be dynamic (i.e change everyday to the current date)?


Hi Ilias - Good question. You’ll need to use a few steps for this.

  1. Use the Add Date & Time step to add a column for today’s date.
  2. Use the Date Formatter step to make sure the formatting of today’s date column matches the formatting of your date column (YYYY-MM-DD)
  3. Use the If/Else step and make sure you check of the “Ref” checkbox. You’ll want to create an If/Else statement for when your date column is equal to today’s date column. You can set the value of the column to “Yes”
  4. Finally, you just need a Row Filter step to filter by the new column created in the If/Else step and filter for when the value = “Yes”

I hope those instructions make sense. Let me know how it goes!


Thank you so much, it worked! As a follow up, would I need to run the flow everyday for the current date to be updated or will that column update everyday regardless?

Thanks again!

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Awesome! The current date will automatically be updated whenever the flow is triggered to run. So, if you run the flow manually, it’ll automatically calculate the current date without you needing to open up that specific step. If you set your flow up to run on a schedule, it will also automatically calculate the current date without you having to manually update the flow.