Pulling data from a several days ago each time

Hi there,

Regarding the setting of “Pull from Shopify” step, I want to get data on cancellation orders where orders were processed 8 days ago since our system automatically cancels the order if the customer doesn’t complete their payment in 8 days.

Right now, it’s possible to get data from 8 days ago like this, but it is for one-time use only.
(so next day I will get January 8 data again)

I need to send this data to google sheet every day so is there any way to make this data setting change to January 9 automatically tomorrow?


Hey Akiko :wave:

Can you adjust your step settings to show orders that were processed In the previous...?

You should be able to set the value to 8 Days and switch from when the flow was run to from the most recently completed day. Feel free to adjust this to 7 days if you want to start on January 8th.

This will dynamically pull in a list of orders from the previous 8 days each time your flow is scheduled to run. Let me know if that helps.

Thank you @daniel!
but in this case, I will get data from Jan 8 -15, not only data from Jan 8.

I was expecting like…
Get Jan 8 data >> run schedule on Jan 15
Get Jan 9 data >> run schedule on Jan 16

Is this setup possible?

Hey @Akiko - Following up for Daniel here. Thanks for clarifying. Your desired date filtering can totally be accomplished, we’ll just need a couple additional steps.

First, start with the date filtering that Daniel suggests in the Pull from Shopify step.

Then, connect a Compare dates step to compare the date column from Shopify with current time.

Lastly, to filter for the exact date, connect a Filter rows step and set up your filtering like this. Make sure to connect the two rules using an AND condition.

Please note that “Difference” is the name of my sample date column. Your column name from Shopify will be different.

This should do the trick! Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

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Amazing!! It worked and now I can get the data with 8 days delay.

Thank you @sachi :wink: