API import from squarespace - only pulling max 50 orders. How can I remove this cap?

Hello all, I’m pulling in orders from squarespace and it appears to have a 50 row max. I’m sure this is due to some setting I haven’t adjusted properly in my API import… any help would be appreciated. I’ve attached pictures of my flow / api settings if that is helpful.

Thank you!


Hey @Michael_Jared,

Good question!

When requesting your orders, Squarespace returns up to 50 orders as a single page by default. To get around this, you’ll want to adjust your Pagination and Rate Limiting settings in the sidebar.

Select Cursor from the Pagination style dropdown menu. Set your cursor key to cursor and your Cursor path in response to pagination.nextPageCursor.

To increase the number of pages returned, adjust the Maximum pages to fetch field. The example below will fetch 5 pages to show a total of 250 orders.