Speech recognition

Can we use google’s speech recognition api in parabole? If yes please help me how. It will be very helpful to me.

Hey @Satishkumar_Patel,

It looks like this should work. Try using Google’s OAuth scope to authenticate the API. Reading this documentation should help you get set up with OAuth in Parabola using the Pull from an API or Send to an API step.

Google’s Speech-to-Text API suggests making a request to this API Endpoint URL:


Using this Request Body:

  "audio": {
    "content": "/* Your audio */",
// Or use a link to reference a hosted audio file
    "uri": "/* Your audio file link */"
  "config": {
    "enableAutomaticPunctuation": true,
    "encoding": "LINEAR16",
    "languageCode": "en-US",
    "model": "default"

Most likely, you’ll want to host your audio files somewhere that can be accessed through a URL.