Jobadder API step

Hey guys, newbie to Parabola here. I get the flows (watched the video tutorials, it makes sense), the hardest bit for me is going to be setting up the initial API to get the data through to Parabola. Anyone got an easy guide or is willing to help me set up this API -

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @Pete_Thompson - Checked out the JobAdder API docs. I see they use OAuth 2.0 for authentication. Try these settings and let me know if you’re able to get it to work:

  1. Authorization
    Authorization Request URL:

  2. Access Token

  3. Refresh Token

A couple things I want to point out after going through the docs:

  1. In the section on authorization, it says, “The redirect_uri parameter must match one of the URLs specified when the client_id was issued.” Make sure you gave Parabola’s redirect URI when requesting the client ID.
  2. Here’s the list you can reference to figure out what scope you’ll need for your scope parameter:

Thanks so much. I’ll give this a whirl and come back to you. I’m waiting for my client code to come through.

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Thanks Sachi. I now have an API account with Jobadder and have connected it as per your instructions. At this stage I’m not receiving any data. I’ve specified that the Scope I’m interested in is folders (read_folder). Do I need to specify multiple scopes to get the data? I’m interested in the candidate data within the folders. This way I can create automation workflows for keeping the folders/talent pools up to date.





Hi @Pete_Thompson,

Great! Looks like you’ve set up the authorization for Jobadder in the step Pull from an API. All that is left for you to do is to pick an API Endpoint URL in order to receive data. It may be worth confirming with their support team which API Endpoint URL and what scope you’ll need to get the data you’re looking for:

Once you hear back from them on which API endpoint and scope to use, let us know and we can provide additional guidance from there for finalizing the step Pull from an API.