How to use the Keywords Everywhere API in Parabola?

Hey everyone,

I’m using the Keywords Everywhere API and almost have it set up in Parabola, but hit a snag.

I want to pass a search term through their API and receive the search volume for that term (relevant API documentation).

Here’s my current set up:


As you can see, there’s nothing inside the “data” that is returned.

Here’s how my headers are set up:


Any ideas why I’m not getting data back?

I think it’s because of how I’m sending the keyword request (the kw parameter), but I’m not sure what needs to change.


An interesting development:

I’m able to get the API to work in Bubble, but only after adding some headers that aren’t mentioned in the API docs for Keywords Everywhere API and changing the structure of the JSON body.

Headers added:

  • Content-type = application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Accept = application/json

Here’s a quick snapshot of how it looks in Bubble:

Note: this JSON isn’t valid in a JSON linter, so I can’t put it in as the body for a Parabola request. Any ideas of how to get around that?

Putting these values in as url parameters doesn’t seem to work, even with the headers above added.

Hey @Brian_Dawson,

Parabola is unfortunately unable to support the header Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded. For reference, here is some additional information on APIs that we can and cannot connect with.

Sorry for the bad news wish we had better news for you here!

Hey @Adam_R,

Ah, gotcha. That’s ok - haven’t needed this yet in the dozens of APIs I’ve connected with Parabola so far.

Will find another API and make do.

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