Send data to specified cells on Google Sheet

Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to put each data to a specified cell of various sheets on Google Sheet.

For example, send product A price to the cell “C5” of product A sheet and send product B price to the cell “E6” of product B sheet.

Thank you.

That would be pretty cool, I’d like to see that too. Would it be possible to export the Parabola data to one sheet, then use your custom sheets to reference the values in that one? I mean imagine if sheet one was exported data, each product had its own column, in row 1 was the price you were looking for. On sheet two you use the reference option =SHEETNAME!B1
As long as you could predict which column your product was in, it could work.


I like @THOMAS_A_HUSMANN’s suggestion to reference the sheet that Parabola exports too.

We don’t have a way to export to a specific cell location, but I’m curious to learn more about your use case. For Product A, will it always be cell C5 and for Product B, will it always be “E6”?

If it’s possible for Parabola to identify the specific cells based on some set of rules, that should be doable.


I just realized that he may be able to accomplish this by adding =SHEET1!B1 to the data that is exported.

For example, in my case, we get products that have changed price or are new so I create a sheet with barcodes that can be scanned into our label printing software quickly. In Parabola using the text merge component I set the text field as =IMAGE(“{UPC}.jpg”)

If he had row numbers he could do the same thing on export; =SHEETNAME!{Column}{Row} and export the data to sheet 1 and the report/custom sheet to sheet 2.