Send completion / summary notifications to slack

Is there an option to send a notification to slack when a flow completes; regardless of success or failure? In my head, it seems possible to create a teammate with the slack notification email.

Hey @Eric_Cholis :wave:

Feel free to use our “Slack configuration card” below which provides a guide for sending a message in Slack from Parabola. While there’s no way to exactly configure the settings to say “send regardless of success or failure,” you should be able to accomplish this in your flow regardless. This snippet would not send a message upon a failure if a step experiences an issue that is connected to the “Send to Slack” step.

For example, if your flow is CSV FileFilter RowsSend to Slack, and the Filter Rows step experiences an error, then the message will not be sent to Slack. If the flow is just CSV FileSend to Slack, then the message should always be sent, regardless of if errors are hit in other parts of the flow (ie. in different/ parallel branches).

To get started, you can paste this snippet into your builder and the card will populate: parabola:cb:f7f7815f9fc24bb39f10f7aa7b533cc5 (how to paste snippet )

Not sure exactly what you mean regarding ‘create a teammate,’ but feel free to clarify! Hope this helps – let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the info! I think the problem in my instance is that I can’t seem to connect the Send to PostgreSQL step to anything else; it only takes input.

I thought that I could add a teammate as a collaborator, and have the summary email delivered to the Slack Email app email address for our workspace. That doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m looking to send a slack message after the Postgres step completes. My use case is to start a task on my local systems when a slack message is received.

Appreciate the additional info, @Eric_Cholis! Wish I had better news – unfortunately we can’t quite support this use case currently.

You are correct in saying that we are limited by the export step’s inability to connect to additional steps. Having the ability to output data from export steps with a right-side arrow would unblock you in this case.

Are you able to post about this in the Feature Requests section of the community? That is the best way to rally support behind this request. Hopefully we’ll have a better solution for your next use case!