Connecting to Slack bot for reporting?

Hey Parabolians :wave:Has anyone connecting their flows to Slack API? I want to send flow updates and KPI reports there. I haven’t made a Slack bot before, so not sure if that’s difficult or easy step either.


Also, @sachi or team, would love to know what step to take to send these stats in this Slack step!

Hey Temirlan! Sorry for the delay. Yep, we have customers triggering Slack messages from Parabola!

Check out this recipe.
I know it’s not your exact use case, but it provides a good template to work off of.

In order to send a message to Slack, you need to create a column called “text” with the message you want to send. As you can see from the recipe, you’ll want to use the Text Merge step for that.

And then, you’ll need to create a Webhooks integration on Slack. Copy the API endpoint URL from Slack and make sure to include this at the end of the endpoint URL: ?parse=full

Each row of your data will be sent as a separate Slack message.

As for the sending your flow stats to Slack, that’s not data we make available today. It’s an interesting use case though! Can you post this as a feature request and tell us more about how you’d use it?

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No worries on the delay Sachi. Thank you for this. Will post if I have any trouble!

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