Webhook that notifies you when a flow was successfully completed?

Is there a step/api that can be uses to be noticed once a flow has completed? Apart from an email notification. I’m looking to send some sort of status to an external endpoint with a completion of a flow.


Hi @Yahav_Caine - Happy to help! What service were you hoping to send a notification to? I’m wondering if using a Send to API step within the Flow may do what you are hoping to accomplish.

The issue with that is that if I have multiple output sources (such as google sheets, sales force etc), I would like to know once all the steps have been finished (or errored). An API call mid flow would just indicate an end of a specific “branch” but not the completion of all the final end operations.

Hi @Yahav_Caine - That makes sense. Unfortunately we don’t currently have a step or feature that would pull in the completion status of a Flow run. Could you please submit this as a Feature request here? The team monitors those requests and will keep them in mind for future updates.