Searching empty folder creates error in scenario

Hello all !

The context :
I have a scenario that starts daily, search a FTP folder for a file, treats it and send it back to FTP for further treatment by other tools.
This FTP folder is sometimes empty, sometimes not, as a file treatment isn’t required everyday.

The issue :
When Parabola searches for the file and there is no file, the scenario crashes and I receive an error mail.

The question :
How could I prevent this from happening ?
As of now I have set up an upload to FTP at the end of the other tools flow to upload an almost empty file that Parabola can receive an treat without crashing, in case there is no real file to treat on the next day.

Thank you !

Hi @Arthur_Semur- Happy to help! If the column and header structure remains the same for that file each time you run the Flow, you could try the following:

Pull in a CSV that just has the header names as one row. Use a Stack tables step and pull in that CSV, then the FTP step and make sure you check the Match columns selection. This should ensure that you have the columns names pulled in so you aren’t running into calculation errors with the rest of the steps in the Flow.

I’d also be happy to take a closer look at the Flow’s error messages that you mentioned. If you’d like for us to look at that Flow, could you please send the Flow link to our team at