FTP source file not current

Hi - I have a flow that has been running fine. (https://parabola.io/app/flow/E39Qdmk6JK/builder?toggle=true)

The source data is stored on an FTP site. Parabola is configured to import the latest file with a specific name that has been working. However, Parabola stopped using the most recent file on 12/31/21 and continues to use that file as if it is the most recent available. When refreshing the step Parabola states that it was last refreshed 5 min ago but the file referenced continues to be outdated as new files are on the FTP site.

Is this a bug of some sort? We have not changed anything on our end.

Hey @Joe_Scola

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. If you target the full file name instead of using just the beginning, does that produce different results?

In addition, can you provide the file or file name for the 12/31/21 file? Feel free to email help@parabola.io, and we can take a look at the files.

Keep me posted if using the full name provides different results, and we can help you further troubleshoot and escalate the issue if necessary.


Hi Daniel - Yes the full file name did provide different results. Actually, I just added 01 to filter for January files and Parabola chose the most recently modified file in January. I deleted the 12/31/21 file before that. I will reach back out if the file does not advance to the next date tomorrow. Thanks - Joe