Row Filter based on a date field


I have a column with dates in the following format YYYY-MM-DD and would like to filter the rows based on a specif date, so say like if the date is after a specific date return those rows. Then i would also like to design it in such a way that if that record has been processed then do not process them on the next run.



Hi @ANTONY_RAPPAI - Will the specific date something you’ll be manually updating on your flow? How often do you imagine that would change?

If you want to identify the rows after a specific date, I would use the Insert if/else column step and then the Remove rows step.

The Insert if/else column step will let you create a new conditional column based on a rule like, column x >= 2020-07-21. Once the new conditional column is created, you can use the Remove rows step step to filter for rows with a value in the new conditional column.

For your second question about making sure to avoid re-processing rows that have already been processed – is there a column or value we can use to identify whether a row has already been processed before by the flow?

If not, you can use the Find overlap step to identify rows that do not yet exist in your existing table and filter to only process those new rows.

Hi Sachi, thanks for the answers, that was quick. The dates are being imported from Airtable actually. I will try that find overlap in the flow and see if it works

Thanks, soo much :slight_smile:

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