Weekly report from Google sheet based on rows added in the last 7 days

I’m trying to work on some data from a Google sheet that we’re sending feedback to.

We have two columns in the sheet:
rating | submitted at
ie. 4 | 2020-12-13

So every Monday morning I’d like to take only the rows submitted in the last 7 days, run some math on it, and post those results in a slack channel.

Now, I’ve tried using the filter method to do that, but I can’t get that to filter out based on dynamic dates like “Last 7 days”.

Anyone knows of a solution to this?

Thank you!

Hey @Thomas_Christensen :wave:

Welcome to the community!

Try using a Compare dates step after pulling in your data from Google Sheets. By default, this step creates a new column called Difference and finds the number of Hours between an auto-selected column.

Just be sure to select the number of Days between your submitted at column and the current time.

Using a Filter rows step, you can keep rows that have a value less than or equal to -7 in the Difference column.

Sounds like that should do it. Ill try that and let you know Daniel!

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