Filter rows by values being equal in two columns


I am working on a volunteer data set for a non-profit. I want to keep rows in which “sign_in_date” is equal to the “shift date” for their volunteer job. I tried using “filter by rows”, but I have not been able to make it work with that field. Both dates have the same format. Any suggestions?

Hi @Sindy_de_la_Torre_Pa,

Can you send an example of your Filter rows step settings? It should be able to filter down if the string is exactly the same in both columns.

There are some instances where comparison operators don’t work well with dates. In that case, we may need to reformat your dates into something like Unix seconds.

Keep me posted, and I can look into this!

Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for reaching out! In this example all of the data is yesterday’s data so this step is actually not need it, but I need it for the weekend parabola.




Hi @Sindy_de_la_Torre_Pa,

Thanks for sharing! It looks like you’re trying to pass the dynamic value of the column as the matching string. The Filter rows step can only work with literal values.

Instead, use the Insert if/else column to create a new column and fill it with a value of Yes if the dates are the same.

You can then use a Filter rows step to keep values in the Matches? column that are equal to Yes.


Thank you! That is a genius work around!


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