Retrieving a CSV separated with semicolon from URL


I’m trying to retrieve a CSV hosted online here.
It’s a government website and the CSV is separated with semicolon.

If I use the HTTP REQUEST module, it downloads but can’t read it because of the semicolon.
If I download to my computer and reupload it using the USE CSV module, I can select the delimiter and read it.

What can I do to automate the process, am I missing something?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Joachim_Brindeau - Happy to help! Our API Import can only parse CSV data that uses commas as the delimiter at this time.

One workaround that we’ve seen people mention for a similar use case was to use Dropbox to pull in that CSV.

Let us know if you have any questions!


I’m not a developper and I have no idea how to get the CSV into dropbox in the first place.
My CSVs are on a government website.

My current manual process on parabola is to

  • Download each of the 8 CSVs every week
  • Re-add each of the 8 CSVs to the flow
  • Change each CSV to Latin1 because the steps automatically revert to UTF-8 as soon as I upload a new CSV version
  • Wait for the calculation to start before I can close the pop-up of each CSV
  • Relaunch

It’s a pain that makes me lose twenty minutes every week.

Thank you for following up with that additional information. Unfortunately since the CSV is separated by semicolons, our API steps would not be able to read the file and pull it in automatically so they would have to be uploaded manually.