IMPLEMENTED - Please add delimiter type selection to Dropbox Import module

1. What is your feature/integration request?
Please consider improving Dropbox CSV Import by adding the option to designate data delimiter signs the same way the Plain CSV Import module allows. Right now, the Dropbox CSV module will only read a CSV file that uses a comma as a delimiter which sadly does not work for me.

2. What problem would this feature/integration solve?
This makes the Dropbox CSV Import feature on par with the Plain CSV Import feature, which can be configured to use other symbols, e.g. semicolon, as the divider character. Since Dropbox CSV import will also re-import the contents of source CSV files before performing an operation on it, and Plain CSV doesn’t, making the Dropbox CSV import module more flexible will allow automated import of source data in CSV format.

Plain CSV importer feature:
I am able to select a different delimiter from drop-down menu.

Dropbox CSV importer:
Sadly, no drop-down menu here. Only colon allowed for separator

3. How do you solve/workaround this problem today?
I was not able to solve my problem! The limitation of Dropbox CSV import puts me in an impossible situation where I just can’t automate my data import:

I used Plain CSV importer to design my data flow and it works as needed, but Plain CSV import gets a data source file once and will not re-read it from source before executing the workflow.

Dropbox CSV importer will happily re-read my source files before each execution, but it does not understand their structure because my data provider uses a semicolon as a delimiter (commas is valid data within the feed…).

This creates an infuriating situation where I see how can do all the things I ask it to, but it will not accept the data I feed to it.

I did my best to search for a solution to my problem in this community forum before posting, but I was not able to. If anyone has any thoughts to share on how to solve this without feature enhancements, I’d be happy to hear.

Ivan Arnaudov

I have the same problem as well, thanks for requesting, Ivan!

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Hi @Ivan.Arnaudov and @Jan_Weinland ,

I just released support for your request. The Dropbox and Box Import steps now support different delimiter parsing, just like the CSV Import step!

Thanks for sharing your feature request with us!