API Import (CSV Delimiter)/Automatic CSV Pulling


can a different CSV delimiter than “,” (semicolon needed) be set for API imports that pull a CSV from an API URL?

Furthermore, what is the best way to post CSVs automatically to a source that Parabola can easily pull from in certain time intervals or even be triggered automatically once the CSV in the source is refreshed?

Both, would help me set up a flow. Thanks.

Our API Import can only parse CSV data that uses commas as the delimiter. Our CSV File step, however, can parse comma, semicolon, and tab delimiters, so for now, I’d suggest downloading the CSV File before importing that file into Parabola.

For your second question about posting CSVs automatically when a flow is set to run, we don’t support this natively right now. Here’s a similar feature request we’ve gotten where @David_Daniels offers his workaround to this problem by using Dropbox. Don’t forget to upvote that feature request and reply with your support for the feature.

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Ok, I thought it wasn’t possible yet, thanks though. Dropbox makes sense, was think about it as a workaround too.

Actually I think that’s the feature I’m looking for as well: Please add delimiter type selection to Dropbox Import module

Awesome. Thanks for adding your support for that feature request!