Retain or pass on values between scheduled flow runs


Is there a way to pass on a value, like an index counter or a last-run time stamp, from 1 flow to the next scheduled run of that same flow?


Hey @Alderik_Manuputty :wave:

Try using the Insert date & time column step towards the end of your flow and export it to Google Sheets using the Send to Google Sheets step.

Each time you run your flow, a new timestamp will be exported.

To pull in the timestamp from your last run, use a Pull from Google Sheets step towards the start of your flow.

Here’s a mocked out version of this flow:

Note: I am using Insert text column steps to create a shared column to merge the timestamp back in with the source data.

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks Daniel, much appreciate the response. I will try this and let you know the results!


Hi Daniel, this works. very elegantly.
It worked this out in Google Sheets first and succeeded.
I then had to rewrite it to work with Box. This was a breeze as well since the files save as csv automatically and are read as such as well.