Send Email with Updated Information

I am trying to combine two flows that I have into one. I’m not sure the best way to show you the flows because I think that would make answering this easier but…

Essentially, I want to use data from the first flow to inform the email sent to people in the second flow. Since I cannot send data from one flow to the next I need them to be one flow.

High level what I want to do is send an email to everyone every week informing them how many new rows are being uploaded to the airtable database. I know how to count the rows but I don’t how to then take that number and make it a number I can use in a sendgrid email.

Please let me know what other information you would need.


Hey @Henry_Johnson :wave:

I’ve sent you a direct email, but I wanted to close this thread in case anybody has a similar question in the future. Let me know if I’m understanding your question correctly.

Copy the steps from your email flow into your main flow that updates Airtable. Make a branch right before your Airtable export that counts the total number of rows. You can then merge that branch with your email steps by using a Combine tables step and join on a matching column.

If the branches do not share a matching column, you can use an Insert text column to create a column and fill it with a shared value. Your flow might look like this.

Thanks Daniel! this was great!