Pull Google Analytics Pageviews from specific pages

Does anyone know the best way to pull specific pages from Google Analytics into Airtable?

I have a webflow site with 60+ CMS pages that I’d like to create a weekly report using Parabola. It would pull in the Data from Google Analytics specific to the page: “/modular-home/{name}” and then it would import them into Airtable, by matching it to the record name. This would require a “find record name” function in Airtable so that it adds a new column each week to the table.

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Hey Caleb! I think this is possible with the Google Analytics Import in Parabola. Try to set that up to pull the page stats that you are looking for.

Use an Airtable Import to get the Airtable records in to Parabola. You can Join the two data sets with a Join step using the page url you have in there as the key.

Then you would filter and edit the columns as you see fit.

Then use the API Export to export to Airtable!

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